I started this business "officially" in 1992 after years of doing home repairs and improvements on the side.  As the son of a plumbing and heating contractor, I grew up with a tool box in my hand while all of my friends were playing little league.  Even though I have a college degree in business, marketing, and management...this is still what I do...day in and day out.  Simply because I love doing it.  I'd much rather apply my education toward this endeavor instead of toward one I have no true interest in.
Every since the beginning, I have conducted business with the goal of being honest, fair, and trustworthy.  Many property owners and even homeowners trust us with keys to their properties.  When it comes to doing the actual work, I have one very head strong rule and that is I tell everyone what I would do if it were MY house...because if I wouldn't do it in my house...I certainly wouldn't do it in yours.

   Kevin R. Braden
"The House Doctor"